End Of Season Figure skating show! - March 6

Figure Skating Awards Dinner -Wednesday March 11th


Welcome to the 2019/2020 Figure Skating Season.  Please use the link below to register your skaters for this season.

Clinics Defined:

  • Sunday 8:30am - Moves High/ Medium: preparation for pre-preliminary, preliminary & juvenile skating tests.
  • Sunday 8:50am - Moves Low/ Basic: crossovers, backwards swizzles & basic spins.
  • Monday 5:45pm - 6:15pm - Jumps & Spins: preparation for freestyle testing


Kathy Martinelli                        (631) 864-5482

Charlotte Caruso                       (631) 521-6292

Nicole Maltese                           (631) 921-9491


To register your child for programs, please go to the following link:


LEARN TO SKATE is a program developed by the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA).  It consists of a comprehensive lesson and testing schedule that is rewarding for all skaters from beginner to advanced. WC registers skaters in the synchro program with LTS at the Club level. Skaters receive a LTS member # and skills book.

TESTING begins after each skater has attained an appropriate basic skills level.  Testing takes place at WC where USFSA judges are invited to test skaters.  The skating is judged the same way as all professional skaters.  The coach will let the skater know when he or she is ready for testing.

SYNCHRO TEAMS are assigned by grade level.  Every skater who wishers to participate is welcome.  Our teams will skate at the Holiday Tree Lighting Show and the Year End Show.  Please note that synchronized skating is a team sport that requires a commitment to come to most practices for the entire season.  Skaters are to arrive 15 minutes prior to practice time.  Participants are encouraged to become involved in private lessons in order to improve their skills.  There is a rental fee for the skater’s dress.

MOVES IN THE FIELD is a clinic focused on edge work and the basic fundamentals of skating.  It is a requirement for the Pre-Preliminary test and recommended for Preliminary, Pre-Juvenile and Novice Level skaters.  Skaters will be separated on the ice by High or Low/ Medium depending on their skill level.

JUMP & SPINS is a clinic focused on the jumps and spins required for the freestyle portion of USFSA tests. It is a requirement for the Pre-Preliminary test and recommended for Preliminary, Pre-Juvenile and Intermediate Level skaters. Skaters will be separated on the ice by skill level, however beginner skaters may have difficulty if they have not mastered basic edge work covered in Moves in the Field.

FREESTYLE is ice time available for figure skaters only.  This time is used for preparation for testing, competitions, and shows.

Basic Skills 1-4 Group Lesson:

Instructional group clinic offered at the start of the season to help beginner skaters refresh their skills. This clinic covers the fundamentals and edge-work to build confidence as skaters progress at their own pace. Instructors will follow the U.S. Figure Skating Association curriculum for Learn to Skate 1-4. This clinic begins the first Thursday WC is open. Contact Kathy Martinelli to sign up.